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Melbourne Hyatt Construction

Hyatt Construction Company inherits 40 years of family industry experience, has professional designing, constructing, delivering teams running in Melbourne and local Victoria for over 20 years. 
Because we have over 500 successful design and construction cases, comprehensive control of building material quality and price, so we can meet the different needs of our customers with high quality.

Melbourne Construction and Extension

Commercial & Family Renovations

CBU/DBU /Fully Qualified

Home Renovations

Constructions & Extensions 

20 Years /One-stop service

Melbourne Cabinets


Building and fitting an array of cabinetry: Kitchen cabinets, laundry cabinets, home office cabinets, living room and storage cabinets.

Automated Doors and Gates

A wide range of automatic garage doors , roller doors and windows, automatic gates, double layer insulated garage doors and a wide range of door motors.

Melbourne Garage Doors
Melbourne Automated Doors Repairs

Smart Home

The smart home system is a one-stop integrated solution launched by Hyatt to comply with the current trend of Australian life and to meet the needs of our customers. 

Melbourne Smart Home
Melbourne Smart Security


Provide cost-effective, comprehensive one-stop service: professional design, high-quality and efficient implementation, and perfect after-sales service.


Proudly, we have three experts in our design team, two of whom have graduated from the University of Melbourne with a major in Architectural Design, both of them have more than ten years of experience in the industry of Constructions and Renovations, another expert Gavin has been practically and enthusiastically working in the architectural design industry for over 20 years. What our awesome customers say on the team work is professional, detailed, persuasive and satisfied.


We have many team members in both engineering and implementation, as our construction range is wide. During the past 20 years of engineering decoration implementation in Melbourne and local Victoria, the entire team has transformed a little while the destination and mission have never changed. Effectively collaborating, wisely applying our experiences, focus on high quality. Based on this, we are offering experienced recommendations for raw material, reasonable estimations for the project life cycle, reliable quality of construction implementations.


The delivery team currently consists of two experts, one of whom is also the company's legal consultant, working closely with legal issues related to government renovation and expansion policies, deliver provisions and engineering quality inspection with other specialists in our company, our delivery work commence at the start of the project not from the end of the contract so that we can deliver our customers a persuasive and trustworthy report to finalize the project.

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Jer: 0450 190 921 (English)
Iris: 0439 819 438 (English)
Jason: 0405 266 966 (Chinese)
Email: info@hyattconstructions.com.au
L906/365 Little Collins Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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