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Hyatt Construction is one of the most reputable and trusted companies in commercial, retail, residential and industrial construction, we have over 20 years of commercial construction and home extension experience in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are one of the most respected industrial and commercial builders across Australia. If you need a company who has the understanding, experience and precision to build you a remarkable 'individually styled' home, we would be delighted to discuss how we could assist you.

To bolster industry, $25k grants to be handed out for housing renovations and constructions across Australia.

From 04/06/2020, the Federal Government will give eligible Australians $25,000 to build or substantially renovate their houses, in an effort to boost demand in the construction sector and keep builders employed.

The Federal Government will give $25k to owner-occupiers for certain works on Australians' homes,  in an attempt to boost industry between now and the end of the year.

1. The scheme will give $25,000 grants to eligible homeowners, but recipients will need to spend at least $150,000 of their own money.

2. New building projects will be capped at $750,000, however, renovations can cost anywhere between $150K and $750K, but will only be subsidised when the house is valued at less than $1.5 million.

3. Those owners who intend on building or renovating on their own without the help of builders or investment properties are not applicable for this scheme.

4. Plus that all eligible builders must be licensed or registered before the date of Government's announcement, the timeframe for the scheme is six months.

5. But eligibility for the Government's program, which it has dubbed "HomeBuilder", will be restricted to substantial renovations and the construction of new homes, with recipients required to spend at least $150,000 before being eligible.

6. This grants will exclude couples who making more than $200K per year and those individuals who making more than $125K per year, at the meantime, limits will also be placed on the estimated value of the properties the grants are going towards.

7. The grant cannot be used for additions to the property that are not connected to the home, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor spas and saunas, sheds or garages.

8. The grant will be offered for contracts entered into between 4 June 2020 and 31 December 2020. To be eligible, renovations or constructions must be contracted to begin within 3-month of the contract date. If you have any concerns please call us on 0423 262 188 for free advice.

Why Choose Hyatt

Hyatt draws on a long tradition of success in the design and construction industry. We're humbled that 70% of our work comes from our clients' referrals. Thanks to the talents of our team. From custom new houses to quality home extensions , we have got it covered.

Qualified and Certified

As a company we are registered Domestic (DBU/DBL) and Commercial Builders (CBU/CBL), our entire workforce holds the appropriate qualifications and certifications. Our NICEIC registered electricians and our Gas Safe Registered plumbers. Ensuring all team members' certifications are current and in line with government legislation.

Quality Focused

For a project small or big, the most important decisions regarding the quality of a completed facility are made during the designing and planning stages rather than during construction. We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials, modern building techniques and professional technicians. This, therefore, provides our customers with the great return on their investments.

Competitive and Fair Pricing

We are pretty sure that quality does not has to suffer in order to receive a fair price. Quality workmanship at a good price is what we strive to provide. Based on our years building valuable relationships with loyal suppliers and subcontractors, the volume discounts we receive are reflected in our competitive pricing.

A Typical House Renovation and Extension Project

This project was located in Malvern East of Melbourne, lifecycle was 6 months, now has been successfully delivered.


Melbourne Office Renovation

Melbourne Office Renovation

The UNBOT media company project is a typical office design and decoration project. The total area is about 530 square meters. Our designer has clarified two main requirements through communication with our customers and reflected in our final design and decoration implementation: 1. The painting matching requirements to follow the company's existing orange and yellow, reflecting the industry characteristics of UNBOT; 2. The client needs a combination of open space design and multi-level meeting display area to make full use of office space and meet the privacy requirements.
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Hair Salon Design - Italian Style

Hair Salon Design - Italian Style

This Italian style hair salon decoration design project covers an area of about 120 square meters. It is a small indoor decoration project. According to the requirements of our client, our designers finally position the project style as simple and atmospheric, creating a green, natural, fresh, and vibrant working environment. At the same time, combining the color of the hair salon bar and the barber chairs, the lighting of the lamps, the color of the hair salon, combined with the placement of green plants, after the completion of the decoration, our customer was really satisfied with the effect.
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Restaurant design and decoration -  Japanese Style

Restaurant design and decoration -  Japanese Style

The decoration area of this Japanese style restaurant project is about 320 square meters. The decoration style was positioned as a fresh and natural, simple, and elegant Japanese restaurant style. The main coloring system uses all solid wood with natural warm colors, including the exterior of the store, ceiling, bar. The dining table and chairs are designed with warm-color lighting to create a traditional Japanese dining atmosphere. A unique and eye-catching dining brand and environment are created in the busy and gray CBD office area.
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Restaurant design and decoration -  Roma Style

Restaurant design and decoration - 
Roma Style

This restaurant decoration project covers an area of about 190 square meters, and the actual installation and decoration area exceeds 220 square meters. Our designers and customers have reached an agreement from the beginning to position the decoration style as a combination of reinforced concrete and virgin forest green in a busy city. Exotic style, deep and quaint uncarved ceiling, with lush green plants, the original green, and white glazed tiles, and marble floor, give customers a comfortable dining experience in the busy reinforced concrete.
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Hair Salon Design and Decoration - Italian Stylelish

Hair Salon Design and Decoration - Italian Stylelish

The project is located on the corner in CBD of Melbourne. It covers an area of 155 square meters. As this store occupies a prime location on the corner, our designer set the bar and display area of the salon designed to face the center of the crossing street, with fully transparent glass windows and cable ceiling lights, based on making full use of the store space, it has made a perfect layout for the self-advertisement of this Italia style hair salon and designed a multi-square-meter reflective ceiling to increase the artistic designing sense.
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Kew Family Renovation and Decoration

Kew Family Renovation and Decoration

This extension and renovation project is located in Kew, our client Kevin reached us from a recommendation from his friend, requested us to expand his house to add two more bedrooms and a large living room, that because his parents will come from China to help. Read More...

Mount Waverley Home Expansion

Mount Waverley Home Extension

This extension project is in Mount Waverley, our customer Zoe and her family members are all piano teachers, she found us from her student's parent and requested a face-to-face quote. Our designer gave a detailed solution which helped her to make the final decision. We made full use of the original bricks deck as the extension of foundation. Read More...

Canterbury Home Decoration

Canterbury Home Decoration

This project is located in Canterbury, as it is a second-hand house, our client Andrew reached us via his friend and requested us to replace all the floor blanket to solid wood, redesign the layout of the living room and kitchen, because the budget of this project is a bit struggle, our designer listed two different kinds of floor. Read More...

Templestowe House Renovation

Templestowe House Renovation

This internal renovation project is located in Canterbury, as it is a second-hand house, our client Andrew reached us via his friend and requested us to replace all the floor blanket to solid wood, redesign the layout of the living room and kitchen, because the budget of this project is a bit struggle, our designer listed two different kinds of floor. Read More...

8 stages of a project in constructions or renovations

What are the main stages of a project?


The conception of the project

Generally, the start of a project rely on client. This is normally where the dream begins as well as the research for the right location and the specifications that should be followed. Call us on 0423 262 188 for a free consultation.


Measurements and Comments

This is a preliminary stage, which means that nothing is guaranteed at this point. Our team will do the measurements and prepare the detailed data for the next stage.


Design and Solutions

This step is very important. We will discuss with the client in detail to determine the details of the specific project implementation, including the legal documents for the construction, the procurement of raw materials, the construction period, and the project quotation.


The Pre-construction Stage

A formal standard contract of Hyatt Construction Company was issued. After the signing of the contract, the project was officially launched after receiving the advance payment from the customer. Our project team is responsible for visiting the field to complete a site examination. This will allow the team members to detect any environmental challenges that might occur during the building process. Also, soil testing is an integral part of this step. Ordering and obtaining materials, equipment, and workforce will also take place at this stage.


The Construction Stage

After the project is launched, the implementation team will conduct a second survey of the site construction, mainly to clean the site. For the project of house extensions or constructions, we will conduct construction announcements and construction enclosures. At the same time, personnel is dispatched and construction materials are prepared. During the implementation of the project, the various groups of the construction team, such as old building demolition, cement pouring, garbage removal, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, need to work together. If there are problems, they will communicate with the customer and the design and construction management team in time to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


The Post-construction Stage

Last but certainly not least, the post-construction stage. Now that all the work on the job site has been completed, the project will soon come to a close.


New Construction Building Cleaning and Commissioning

An inspection and deep cleaning of the whole building needs to be done. After the implementation of the project is completed, the site will be thoroughly cleaned up, the construction fences are to be removed, and the construction waste generated included. The deep cleaning includes cleaning the indoor and outdoor parts such as wall glass and aisles.


Owner Occupancy and Closure

As soon as the project is completed, our customer manager will work with the customer to inspect the project according to the content of the contract and possible subsequent adjustments and continue to provide after-sales service after acceptance and visit the customer's usage regularly.


Home renovations Commercial constructions

Home renovations
Commercial constructions

House expansion Reconstruction and refurbishment

House extension
Reconstruction and refurbishment

Decking, Shred, Fence, Gate

Decking, Shred, Fence, Gate

Plumber, Electrician, Outdoor Advertising etc.

Plumber, Electrician, Outdoor Advertising etc.


Yes, our quote is free and our professional designers and sales will visit your location for inspection, it is free as well.

There is no problem at all, you can buy raw materials by yourself, our design and implementation team will communicate with you according to the situation, and will give you some suggestions and on the purchase of raw materials according to our experiences. Some customers will use part of their own purchases, and some of them use materials from us. For example, the motors of automatic garage doors or remote shutter windows are recommended to use from our company. While external wire and cable adapters, switches, painting, flooring, you can Go to Bunnings Warehouse, but the price may not be as good as our wholesale. We will fully communicate with you before the project is implemented to confirm.

This question is difficult to answer, as customers often ask such kind of questions. Our recommendation is: before the project is commenced, our design team and implementation team will fully communicate the project plan with our customers. Once determined, it means that the price and raw materials and the construction period are basically determined. If it is modified during the implementation process, this will potentially incur additional costs, so when this happens, we should always discuss it according to the actual situation.

Kaiyue Construction and Renovation FAQ

What our fantastic customers say

"As a Milk Bar manager, I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude to Hyatt Construction team, especially to their team members Justin Li and Mr. Pan. Not only for their professional designing and implementation for my shop decoration, but also for their great patience when they talked to me regarding the shop background color, floors, and the remote garage door. I was a hundred percent satisfied with the work they have done."

Anna Li

"After three years of immigration to Melbourne, I finally got my own house, although I am very satisfied with most of the house since I have a baby, I hope to add a deck and a shed to the backyard. Children can play outside on rainy days, and can also be used as a solar room in winter. My friend recommended Hyatt Construction to me, I told their designers about my general ideas. Surprisingly, the designer Justin completed his design in two days. Also, the team guided and accompanied me to get the government's legal approvals for our decks and sheds. A big thanks to their construction team as all the edges of the Deck are arc processed, all the nails are in the hidden place of the deck, what my wife commented was: "So thoughtful!"

David Chen

"Yes, I am a good neighbor of Hyatt Construction. I have never had the opportunity to cooperate before this time as I want to remodel my Carport to a garage with automatic doors. In terms of price, I got the comparison of the three companies' quotations. The prices of Hyatt are in the middle, a little disappointed. While, by comparing the construction design and the raw material list, I found that the plan of Hyatt avoids breaking the floor of the original carport and modifying the wall bricks of the house which reduces the building waste and shorten the construction period, further, the raw materials they use are absolutely first-class quality, such as the electric door motors, they use imported Siemens, the paint brand is British Paint. Big thanks to the whole team."

Andrew Morris
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The housing project quotation is the stepping stone to the construction and decoration contract. The project quotation is a key factor, regardless of whether it is a decoration of self-housing or commercial shops. Customers might have some doubts about the engineering quotation of the decoration company. Two suggestions for solving this problem: first, through channels, such as Google search or to find more companies with good qualifications for comparison; secondly, you can learn some basic elements of engineering quotation through online information like Read More...


For house decoration, especially for self-house decoration, many customers have high requirements for the cost-effectiveness of the raw materials for decoration, especially wood boards, paints, and electric motors and switches. These materials are usually provided by Hyatt Construction, we provide some specific experiences of project implementation, customers can make their decisions according to their own preferences, more details please refer to Read More...


Nearly half of our projects are of renovation and extension of commercial and home. Some renovations of windows and garage doors are mainly involved in house renovations and extension. The problem is that the design must not only meet the needs of the customer, but also meet the requirements of the Australian government's renovation and extension. Therefore, before the extension of the project contract, you can first read through the website Read More...

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