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In Australia, whether it is a family house or a commercial building, almost everywhere use automatic doors, electric gates and roller doors, especially shops in shopping malls. People have to deal with electric doors or roller doors every day. Choose a secure, reliable and durable door means a better lifestyle.
Hyatt has over 20 years of experience in the electric garage doors industry in Melbourne, including roller doors, garage doors, automatic gates. We devote a full range of high-quality and cost-effective doors, offer 7×24 professional consulting and genuine repairing services. Buying a door from Hyatt means you are covered by the most trusted and reliable garage door specialist.

Ready-made automatic gate packages

Upgrade your gate with our latest products
· 20-60 Watts Solar Panel
· 7 meters of track
· 40 mm x 40 mm x 1.5 mm steel frames
· Wi-Fi receiver control system

We provide our clients with the most cost-effective way to install a gate & motor kit, there are many sizes and styles of gates & frames available to choose from
· Colors include black, gray, silver steel frames.
· Lengths from 3 m to 5 m.
· Styles including Sliding gates and Swing gates

Cases Gallery

Family Use Roller Windows Project

Family Use Roller Windows Project

The project is located near the railway station in Clayton. Our customer Zoe Lee got our phone number from Google and gave us a call on the day. Our designers delivered a free door-to-door measurement and quote on the same day. As expected, Zoe was...

Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs

Very few products will actually last forever, even if the manufacturer put the best efforts. We need to do a regular maintenance on our house including a garage door and its accessories or need to request a repair for a variety of different reasons like... 

Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Electric gates are mainly suitable for properties with high requirements for property privacy and security, usually in places where the property is dense near the city. Hyatt offers a secure solution and reasonable design based on real property.

Garage Doors Electric Gates Price Table

Roller Doors and Shop Transparent Doors Please Call 0405266966 Yang

Single garage price

Single garage

$1750 - $1950

Australian Standards Width:3.0M, normally:3.4M.
Price based on board type and brands of motor.

Double garage price

Double garage


Australian Standards Width:5.4M, normally:6.0M.
Price based on board type and brands of motor.

Automatic Gates(Motor included) price

Automatic Gates(Motor included)


Automatic Gates price based on the material, gate size and different brands of motor.

Motor price


$55 - $1650

Garage door and roller door motor: $55 - $650, Automatic gate motor: $850-$1650;
Because the gate motor is used outdoors, industrial requirements such as corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance are higher, so the price is more expensive.

Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

We offer a secure, professional and reliable consultation and repairs service

Prompt response

As garage doors are used frequently, emergency repairs call us nearly every day, if you fall in here please give us a call on
0405 266 966, we will reach you shortly.

Professional services

Apart from garage door repairs, we also offer related services, including periodic maintenance and custom door styles.

Garage Doors Repairs

Comprehensive repairs

Our repair technicians have enriched experiences, the repairing includes replacing the control motor, door panel, tracks, wire rope, spring; matching the remote control of the motor, motor repairing, and replacement, etc.

Insurance quotes

If your repair involves insurance claims, our specialist can help you with on-site claim quotation and repairing.

Garage Door Repair FAQs

Causes of failure:
1. The battery of the key needs to be replaced;
2. The antenna of the motor is deformed or shielded by other things.
1. Replace the key battery;
2. Check and adjust the antenna of the motor to ensure that it is not damaged or shielded by other things.
If the above two problems are not solved, it is recommended to seek the help of our experts.

Causes of failure:
1. The motor separation shaft and sleeve are stuck;
2. The motor clutch is not lubricated regularly or too dusty.
Repairing steps: adjust the stuck parts, clean the clutch drive, and apply lubricant appropriately.

The most common reason for this is that the switching stroke of the motor is not accurately positioned. In accordance with the operating instructions of the motor, the stroke positioning of the automatic door motor can be re-added to increase its stroke setting.

There are many reasons for the noise, the common ones are
1. The shaft or gears are lack of maintenance and need to be cleaned and lubricated periodically;
2. The fixed hardware or traction wire is loose and needs to be repaired or replaced;

Reasons for failure:
1. The position limit of the garage door is not open in the other direction;
2. The wire connection is loose or twisted;
3. The motor relay opener is damaged.
Method of resolution:
1. The position limit in the other direction of the garage door has not popped up. Check the manual to fix it.
2. Facing the door opening motor of the garage door (different motors have different directions), the left relay controls the door opening, while the right controls the door closing. Use a multimeter to measure the coil voltage on the corresponding relay. Normally, it is around AC24V. If the voltage relay does not operate, indicating that the relay opener is damaged. Otherwise, there is no such voltage, it indicates that the internal wiring is broken.
If it belongs to the second category, you need to request our professional maintenance personnel to have a look.

What our fantastic customers say

"I got a chance to meet Hyatt was because my garage door suddenly stopped working. The door professionals came to my house shortly after I called them for emergency maintenance. I feel that their services and products are particularly reliable. I have cooperated for the second time as I bought a new house and need to install a new automated garage door. The professional recommended the wood-style sectional door that I really love. Although it is a bit more expensive, I really enjoy its beautiful, quiet, high-grade and special. Pleasantly, my neighbor also exchanged cards with Hyatt as his garage door needs an upgrade."

"My friend recommended Hyatt to me when I was looking for someone to help me install an automated shop door. I rented a large shop in DFO near the city as a clothing store. After the renovation, I wanted to install a more personalized anti-theft roller door. Their professionals recommended the crystal door to me. A transparent electric rolling door, stylish and beautiful, especially easy to clean, even convenient for ladies to open and close, the most important thing is because my store is next to the Coles supermarket, so it is a good advertisement displayed in front of the guests, so thoughtful. I would not hesitate to recommend Hyatt to my friends when needed."

"I have been using Hyatt's productions and services for the past 5 years now. We have had such a long association with them because they are offering minimal maintenance while all the doors are still working as perfectly as they were installed, which is really cost-effective. In the past five years, there have been just two times repairs one was because the roller door was smashed by a delivery vehicle another was because the door was used improperly. I reckon their products are of a very high standard and their services are exceptional. As proof of our satisfaction, we will be engaging with Hyatt for our future garage doors provider."

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Garage Doors

Types of garage doors including:
1. Rollers door: high-strength aluminum alloy single and double-layer extrusion molding, good corrosion resistance and strong welding performance, especially suitable for various construction industries
2. Sectional door: Microcomputer program control, easy to use, low noise, safer rebound in case of resistance, easy to disassemble and modify, especially suitable for home use.
3. Wooden door: The front of the door panel is wood while the back of the wood panel is "x" shape or "+" shape steel frame, which combines the sturdiness of steel and the natural style of wood to enhance the grade of the house. 

Motor Brands

Motor brands in Australia including:
1. Merlin: High quality with high price.
2. Chamberlain: Cost-effective.
3. HomeEntry: Motors with a decent price.
4. B&D:  High quality with intermediate price

Price Guide

Roller Doors median price: $1500-$3000
Sectional Doors median price: $2500-$4000
Factors related to the price including:
1. Size of the door
2. Type of the door, like rollers door or sectional door, or transparent door.
3. Brand of motor
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